Marge Nickels

Our Macel Samba was purchased after attending the 2017 Science of Motion International Conference in October of 2017. I had read all of the recommendations and testimonials by other members of the IHTC course but was finally able to see and touch the saddle at the conference, as well as speak personally to other saddle owners and Patrick Fesquet of Macel. I took a leap of faith and ordered the Samba because it looked as though it could work but I was not entirely sure it would.

Fitting my 14.2HH quarter horse over the last several years has been frustrating, even with the help of a professional saddle-fitter. My girl is a heavily muscled (now), short coupled, short backed, almost mutton withered quarter horse. The saddle we were riding in was a custom made, for us, eventing saddle, in a generous medium-wide, leaning toward wide. It was very close to fitting but not totally stable once in motion.

The Macel Samba arrived two weeks ago and we are both (the horse and myself) thrilled! Ecstatic is also a good word. We are both able, for the first time, to feel each other, muscle by muscle, and communicate back to back. The mare has been very clear – this is our saddle. She now looks forward to the work and cannot wait to get tacked up to go. It fits her well, even though it is a medium width, and is totally stable on her back in motion. We are able to better analyze where each of our weaknesses are and address them throughout the ride. But the saddle stays put while also somehow moving with her and the changes in direction of her back muscles. It fits both of us! It is so very comfortable for me as well as the mare. This will be the last saddle I buy, unless or until, Macel offers the same stability as the Samba in a jumping style.