Sarah Lindsay Miller

I love my Macel Samba.
It allows me to ride horses without back pain.
I believe the reason is the classic design: the seat positions the rider in the ideal place on the horse, allowing to achieve neutral spine and manage the forces acting on the spine more effectively.
This differs from the modern dressage design, deep seat, excessive padding and leg rolls. I found myself fighting these saddles rather than focusing on the horses coordination.
It felt difficult and painful to find my balance and remain motionless through my pelvis. This excessive movement created searing lumbar back pain as well as disrupted the communication with my horse.
The Samba was like better cell phone reception, no interference and the conversation was much clearer. I found an immediate response from the horse to the slightest changes in my muscles nuances.
Above all, I was able to ride four horses in one day and amazingly, had no back pain during or after my ride.
The price is very reasonable compared to most other saddle brands on the market.
The Samba fit all four horses, all different breeds, sizes and body types, and they also love the comfort and stability of the saddle. No saddle fitting needed!
The Samba stays with the horses, no slipping or moving during motion, essential to helping the horses remain focused on their body coordination.
I no longer feel like a nuisance, passenger perched high on their backs, but I feel much more involved, connected, as we can move as one and work together.
The mindful rider cannot do without the Macel Samba.