CC Brewer

When I took a test ride on a friend’s Macel Samba I also noticed something wasn’t quite right with the way my horse was going. I can’t remember now what it was, it was just a small difference. However, having heard a lot about the virtues of this saddle I got off thinking “Huh .. well I didn’t notice much about the saddle.” It was when pondering this fact afterwards that I realized that this was the magic of the Samba! Instead of fighting the saddle I was free to concentrate solely on what was happening underneath me with my horse and was able to very quickly pick up the tiniest details. Needless to say, not long after I bought my own Samba!

Having ridden in my Samba for just over a year now I can honestly say I am 100% satisfied. I love the close contact of the saddle, and the fact that it doesn’t hold me in place but allows me to subtly nuance my pelvis and balance to achieve a better ride. I ride not only my 16.3 hh TB x Percheron in it but many other client horses which range across the whole gamut of sizes. I use it mostly for schooling in the arena, but also for hacking out along the dirt roads and going for a gallop across the ranch. It gives me a close connection and stability that I’ve not had before with other saddles. When working at a high level of concentration and collection this saddle doesn’t shift laterally on the circle and turns so the horses aren’t having to battle slight saddle shifts when they are trying to work at their best. I am much better able to help my client horses with therapy through motion when I ride them in the Samba. One saddle for life. This saddle is truly unbelievable!